June 21, 2015

With a heavy heart... we are withdrawing from the Smartstim community.

We have really enjoyed the Smartstim community in the past and Current Pleasures probably wouldn't exist without it, so it is with a truly heavy heart that Current Pleasures announces its withdrawal from and boycott of Smartstim.

We have contributed heavily both with information, support, and donations in the past.

It used to be a community based forum full of great cooperation and information. It has become a place where new people are looked down on, long-standing members are being harrassed and bullied for expressing disagreeing viewpoints, and lots of discussions dating clear back to the yahoo group have been utterly deleted. The problems there have been escalating exponentially of late.

Unfortunately, this problem isn't going to go away. Not only can many people not get on, many have recently had their accounts deleted with no explanation and no return emails after dozens of PM attempts over several weeks.

It appears that it all boils down to climber1 has a massive ego problem. He deleted many of the SS4 wave files and yahoo historical discussions because the poster disagreed with one of his viewpoints. He also deleted the member's account. And several who defended him. And all the posts he ever made.
If he doesn't like something you say, he deletes you.
If you promote a product from a company that he doesn't get a kickback from, he deletes you.
He routinely reads PMs between other members.
Once you post a video or mp3 on the site HE COPYRIGHTS IT and presses legal action if you post it anywhere else, such as fetlife. Even if YOU created it! Once you post it on smartstim, it's his. And then he's paranoid he's going to get sued if someone uses one of these files to do themselves injury and blocks discussions related to them.
He has fundraising drives multiple times per year and complains about the money, then rejects donations from people he doesn't like. Yes I can prove it.

There are many people who would volunteer to smooth out this administration process and he won't allow it. So his whining about this many users per day and that many spam posts is his own fault. He has "health problems" that make it difficult for him to type, but he won't allow anyone else to do it and seems to find plenty of time to send nasty diatribes to people he doesn't like. And if you don't respond to these diatribes of vehemence he deletes you for not engaging his ego.

For those of you lucky enough not to be bothered with these disturbances, count your blessings. The rest of us are looking into alternate solutions, something that can again be friendly and supportive. Please PM me as we look to find other means of sharing files, videos, and information without the copyrights and lockouts of one narcissistic dictator.