New! Electro-Banana Plate CBT Board

Exclusive to Current Pleasures created by Bigtip, our new Electro-Banana Plate.

The hole is lined with 8mm conductive rubber so it will be smooth around the edges and also acts as a passive electrode. The loops are either 4mm or 6mm conductive rubber to lasso the glans and testicles to give them the "shocking" experience we love. 

Extremely easy to use, durable hard plastic board.  Bring the cock and balls through the hole and strap them down individually.  Great for wax play and other forms of CBT, and then you also have the option to plug in electrical to the conductive rubber tiedowns.

Made in a variety of colors depending on materials available.  You can state a preference but we will ship what is available.

The tubing is available for either pins (2mm) or banana plugs (4mm) interior diameter.

Note: Some products may take up to 8 days to manufacture.