BT Stim Econo 2 Channel

Introducing the all new BT Stim Econo! All the functionality of full stereostim at an ecomy price without the extra bells and whistles of the Elite. The BT Stim has a feel all its own. Stop by our booth at any of the trade shows and conventions we attend to take it for a test drive.

It comes with 2 isolated precision 10 turn power level knobs, so they won't turn up too fast.  Ideally, set the knobs to your max comfortable level and finetune your volume from the computer or phone to save wear on the pots.

It has one 3.5mm electrode jack for each of the 2 channels. A simple flip switch turns your unit from off to on. The BT Stim plugs directly into any laptop, phone or tablet via the 3.5mm audio input jack and accepts mp3 input. Control pulse, waveform, amplitude, intensity and more with software available online. Create and save your own programs for replay at a later date. Or download from databases of thousands of programs already created and uploaded by other users. For further information check out

Note- This Econo model is not a standalone box: It REQUIRES input from an outside waveform generator and has no stored internal programs. It also has no internal battery and REQUIRES being plugged in to a wall outlet.

These units ship with:

*2 Channel BT Stim Econo

*Power Adapter

*(2) 3.5mm with 2 pins leadwires

*USB card with 20+ starter stereostim files
*CD with user's manual (or download manual online)
*Full 1 year manufacturer's warranty including parts and labor. After 1 year there may be a small repair charge plus shipping costs.

Units will ship separately via US Priority Mail from a different location than any other accessories ordered at the same time.

<<<These units do not ship the same day they are ordered! There is ALWAYS a waiting list. When orders are placed you save your spot in line. Expect generally 2-4 weeks before shipping. We will attempt to give estimates when orders are received but these aren’t guaranteed. Each unit takes 1-3 days to produce and it depends a lot on how many people are in line ahead of you, event travel schedules, parts shipments and other factors out of our control.>>>

Warning: This box is not for beginners. It has access to higher power levels than any other unit currently available with enough voltage to potentially cause serious harm if used unsafely. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS prior to using! By purchasing this product, user agrees to assume all liability!

For use as an adult novelty item only. Not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. No medical claims warranted or implied by use of this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device. Do not use on areas of swollen, broken, open or irritated skin. Do not use in bath or shower. Do not apply electrical contacts over the eyes, internally, or above the waistline. Read and follow all safety instructions. User assumes all liability!