New! Bastard Button

A lot of fun! Put this between your power unit and the accessory attachments. This little box has a high wattage wire-wound resistor which absorbs about 1/2 of the signal passing through it. When the button is pressed, the full power is delivered, creating a significant boost. Named because your sub will call you 7 different types of bastard when on the receiving end, depending on which electrodes and stim files you are using.

Note, you will have to turn the power on your unit higher than normal to achieve similar sensations when not depressing the button.


This accessory requires a more powerful unit such as our BT Stim or 12 mode 2 channel. Not all units will work well in this application.

It has a 3.5mm plug to the unit and and a 3.5 jack for connecting so get an adapter if needed.