Conductive Cup Bra


The ultimate in erotic massage!

Used with one channel, this bra gives an amazing general breast massage.

Paired with a circular pad over the nipple, one side on each channel, one of the most erotic things you'll ever experience!


Available in 3 sizes: 36B, 38C, 40D. Note, these are sized slightly smaller than many bras, if in doubt get the larger size. Colors and styles will vary. If you have a color preference note it and we'll provide it if available.

36B: red or black solid color only

38C: red or black only, designer trim

40D: red, black, white, brown, pink or purple solid color only

Make it a full set with 1 sheet of 32mm circular pads and 2 pin to snap adapters if you like. 

Important! A Garmetrode Electrode is simply a garment with an electrode or multiple electrodes attached. All Garmetrode Electrodes require a TENS Unit or Muscle Stimulator power box to work!

Electrotherapy Conductive Garments are made with high quality silver knit mesh material that is FDA approved and is more conductive than many other products on the market.They offer stimulation without skin irritation or need for adhesives or gels.Our conductive garments utilize a neo-foam material, which is more breathable alternative to neoprene, preventing excessive heat and perspiration. 

should be worn slightly damp to improve current flow. When finished, wash with water and air-dry.

Directions: Moisten the conductive cloth on the inside of the cups prior to putting bra on. Don't use so much that it soaks through to the front. 


Other Information:

Care of Garments 
Electrode Conductive Garments are washable -- garments may be machine washed, or hand washed with mild soap and cold water; use delicate/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry. Do not use bleach.

Disconnect the cabling (lead wire) and store garment in sealed plastic bag. Gament should be completely dried before placing in plastic bag.