Double Beginner Kit

Everything you need to start exploring, for both you AND your partner!



1 female pleasure pack (please specify size for silicone breast pads) Note: breast pads are non-adhesive, Tensive gel recommended. 

1 male pleasure pack

Choice of either our 9 mode or 12 mode unit.

2 2-pin leadwire cables

1 4mm plug to 3.5 J adapter

1 4mm plug to 2.5 J adapter

1 2 stripe insertable

1 black insertable

1 unipolar flat probe

1 bipolar penis wrap

1 pair of bar clamps

1 pair of black clamps


Over $250 value!!


Don't forget your Basic Necessities Pack with skin-prep, cleaner, sticky gel, and lubricant. 


*Substitutions are possible if desired, just ask!*


Beginner kits are now also available with no power unit included. If you are using a unit that needs a 2.5 or 3.5 input instead of 4mm please notify us so we can modify the included adapters. 


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