P. E. S. Box

Limited supply, one time special offer. 

This little black box will put some 'spark' in your love life!!

Optimally designed to enhance your body's natural erotic response, the ORIGINAL P.E.S. Power Box delivers low frequency electrical stimulation to the nerve and muscle tissue of your genitals via any combination of our extensive line of single, double, and quad pole Electrodes.

The stimulation delivered is not so much a 'shock' as it is a 'tingle'. Nothing like the traditional mechanical vibration most have experienced, the sensations this Power Box delivers through the Electrodes have the potential to take your sexual response to all new levels!

When used with the right combination of Electrodes and settings, it may be possible to bring a man to hands-free orgasm; lengthen the actual orgasm for a man or woman; or even induce a woman's first orgasm or multiple orgasms.

The ORIGINAL P.E.S. Power Box features:

  • Two Intensity Controls (Coarse & Fine Knobs)
  • Frequency Controls (Frequency Knob)
  • Pulse Control (Pulse Knob)
  • Two Power Interrupt Buttons
  • Two Non-Isolated Channels sharing a common ground allowing for easy set up of 2-, 3-, and 4-Electrode Configurations.

The ORIGINAL P.E.S. Power Box is absolutely necessary in order for you to fully experience the effects of Erotic Electro Stimulation (E.E.S.)and the P.E.S. line of Electrodes.

The ORIGINAL P.E.S. Power Box comes with one 12 v 1.5 Amp A/C Adapter and two pairs of Low Profile Leads. All you need to complete your initial venture into EES are the Electrodes and some lubrication such as PES ElectroLube.

The ORIGINAL P.E.S. Power Box requires at least one double pole Electrode; such as an Acrylic Anal Plug; or two single pole Electrodes; such as a Prostate Stimulator with a Tubular Base Ring; in order to function. Electrodes are sold separately.

The Power Box can also be operated using a 9V battery. (Battery Not Included).