BIPOLAR Conductive Rubber Loops- for Pins

Highly conductive, these loops come with cord locks to allow tightening to your personal preference.  Just push on the button, tighten and release. An added benefit is these can double as cockrings to allow longer, more consistent erections. The inner diameter is 1.75mm so any TENS pin will fit snugly.  

Comes in 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm diameter. These are bipolar electrodes.  Only one loop is required, one leadwire pin goes in EACH side of this loop. 

Order either size or a variety pair.


Be sure to use water-based lubricant such as Spectragel to keep the sensations smooth and avoid hot spots. Never use any lube with silicone of any kind- it weakens and degrades the rubber. Do not overstretch the tubing, it breaks the carbon fibers and destroys the conductivity. 


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