June 21, 2015

With a heavy heart... we are withdrawing from the Smartstim community.

We have really enjoyed the Smartstim community in the past and Current Pleasures probably wouldn't exist without it, so it is with a truly heavy heart that Current Pleasures announces its withdrawal from and boycott of Smartstim.

We have contributed heavily both with information, support, and donations in the past.

It used to be a community based forum full of great cooperation and information. It has become a place where new people are looked down on, long-standing members are being harrassed and bullied for expressing disagreeing viewpoints, and lots of discussions dating clear back to the yahoo group have been utterly deleted. The problems there have been escalating exponentially of late.

Unfortunately, this problem isn't going to go away. Not only can many people not get on, many have recently had their accounts deleted with no explanation and no return emails after dozens of PM attempts over several weeks.

It appears that it all boils down to climber1 has a massive ego problem. He deleted many of the SS4 wave files and yahoo historical discussions because the poster disagreed with one of his viewpoints. He also deleted the member's account. And several who defended him. And all the posts he ever made.
If he doesn't like something you say, he deletes you.
If you promote a product from a company that he doesn't get a kickback from, he deletes you.
He routinely reads PMs between other members.
Once you post a video or mp3 on the site HE COPYRIGHTS IT and presses legal action if you post it anywhere else, such as fetlife. Even if YOU created it! Once you post it on smartstim, it's his. And then he's paranoid he's going to get sued if someone uses one of these files to do themselves injury and blocks discussions related to them.
He has fundraising drives multiple times per year and complains about the money, then rejects donations from people he doesn't like. Yes I can prove it.

There are many people who would volunteer to smooth out this administration process and he won't allow it. So his whining about this many users per day and that many spam posts is his own fault. He has "health problems" that make it difficult for him to type, but he won't allow anyone else to do it and seems to find plenty of time to send nasty diatribes to people he doesn't like. And if you don't respond to these diatribes of vehemence he deletes you for not engaging his ego.

For those of you lucky enough not to be bothered with these disturbances, count your blessings. The rest of us are looking into alternate solutions, something that can again be friendly and supportive. Please PM me as we look to find other means of sharing files, videos, and information without the copyrights and lockouts of one narcissistic dictator.

January 09, 2013

Product Feature: Mini-Stim Power Device


From C.J.:

I was intrigued by this when I saw it and it has exceeded my wildest expectations! It has all the power I'll ever need, and with 2 channels and 6 modes it does everything a larger unit will do and more. Plus it's small enough to keep in my pocket and stim all day at work with no one around me any the wiser. Pure perfection!


January 09, 2013

Product Feature: Unipolar flat probe


From Katiebug:

This is an extraordinary little device! No other toy has let me hit exactly the right spot so consistently. I ground it with a pad centered below the labia to connect the circuit and rub my clit with this one and the orgasms are explosive. My boyfriend uses two together, one on each side of the scrotum and the magnets help them stay in place where he wants them. You really can't go wrong with this and it's so affordable!                  

January 01, 2013

Product Feature: Bipolar Black Insertable Torpedo

 From Johnny2904:
I bought this plug to do Kegel exercises from Current Pleasures, this is one great little plug it seems to be well built and has power you would not believe. The only thing it needs is a wider base because it might get sucked in too far inside you. I am new to Electrosex. The only thing I wished I waited, because it went on sale 2 days after receiving it. But Current Pleasures provided great service and fast shipping. I will buy from them in the future I tried this plug and I never felt sensations like this in my life, it was amazing, Give it a try!

December 25, 2012

Product Feature: Adjustable Tethers

 From Shawn in Sydney:

My adjustable tethers arrived last week. I have to say I’m very highly impressed with the quality of the construction.

I can’t believe how easy to use they are. I can attach them to any attachment point easily. Or I can loop it around something and clip the tether it itself. Or I can hook two together to put under the mattress with no attachment points needed.

I can make them longer or shorter with a simple slide of the adjuster and it stays in place until I loosen the clamp on it.

I’ve used the sportsheets product similar to these and these are so far superior it’s not even a contest. We have had so much fun with these I can’t recommend them any more highly to everyone!

December 19, 2012

Product Feature: Bipolar Butterfly electrode pads!


From Jean in North Carolina:

I have to say I’ve never tried nipple stim before because of all the warnings everywhere but when I saw your bipolar butterfly pads I knew they were safe since the electricity doesn’t go across the chest at all.

I have never felt anything so wonderful with e-stim before and that’s saying something. It was the most scintillate feeling of massage and tingle and overall wonderful, better than any tongue or mouth from a partner even. And even better is that the holes leave the nipples themselves exposed for touching too, or even licking.

I got the variety pack to try them all out. I ended up liking the medium size best and my boyfriend liked the large instead of the small which surprised us both. We used a channel splitter so one channel controlled both pads in the same strength and rhythm without trying to get two channels to match. And it left the other channel on our TENS unit free for using other toys. Highly Recommended, 10 stars!!!

December 12, 2012

Product Feature: Female Pleasure Pack, Clamps and Large Silicone Insertable


From Janice in Florida:

I got my first hands-free orgasm from e-stim finally thanks to your female pleasure pack! It was so  perfect to give me all of the sensations I wanted, at just the right levels…  I set up one channel with the circular breast rings. They felt like a constant, gentle kneading massage. Mmmmm. Then I used the little moons, one on either side of the clit with a little room between and it woke up the whole area….. really nice foreplay. Then I inserted the large vaginal probe for that wonderfully full feeling. I had to be a little careful with it, if it slips out too far it can cause a hotspot now and again, but putting it on a pulse setting it was so much better than any vibrator I ever tried. And finally I used the little rubber-lined clamp directly on the clit itself, paired with one of the small palm pads near the vaginal entryway on the perineum to complete the channel circuit. Talk about an intense climax! There are so many possibilities with this pleasure pack, you really know what you’re doing! Can’t wait to try more!


December 05, 2012

Product Feature: Reflective electrodes and black penis rings

 From Mike in Minnesota:

My latest shipment arrived and my Mistress tried them out on me last night and it was amazing.  I bought the reflective electrodes and black penis rings during the sale last week and gave them to her when the shipment arrived.  She had me lay on the bed and tied me spread eagle and blindfolded me.  Then she taped the reflective electrodes over my nipples and put on the cock rings.  I first felt the contractions on the nipples.  It felt amazing, almost like little lips.  It worked very well given the low power setting she was using for safety.  Then the tingling feeling on my cock from the rings.  She started playing with different patterns on those and it felt very good.  A rhythmic contraction kept me on edge for a very long time while she sat there with the control boxes and surprised me with adjustments.  I definitely want to pick up some insertables with my next order.  This is fun!  

Owner's note: again, please see our safety section for use of unipolar electrodes

November 28, 2012

Like us on facebook!

 Yes, we finally got with the program and have a facebook page dedicated to Current Pleasures. Be sure to like us to be among the first to know about new specials, when the newsletter comes out, and help spread the word about e-stim to everyone missing out on one of life's secret pleasures! 

November 28, 2012

Product Feature: Unipolar suction electrodes


From Jim in New Jersey:

 I purchased the unipolar suction electrodes after a recommendation from a friend. I’ve never found them anywhere but at Current Pleasures. They are my new favorite toy! What sensations-- it feels like two warm mouths sucking both my nipples at the same time. It’s wet, it’s warm, it has suction, and when I turn the current on it has a mild tingle or pinch too, depending on what my settings are. I can’t imagine a threesome feeling any better. Wow! You have to try these! 

(You will find them in our combination sensations section)

***** Owner's note- these should not be used on each nipple by themselves alone in a unipolar configuration. They can be used together, but each electrode should be grounded with a pad (like our 20x40 moons for example) nearby to prevent the electrical current from crossing the chest. So each suction electrode will be on its own channel, not the same one. A further note: if  you are using an AC main type power supply or audiostim, do NOT use these above the waist at all. Only standard TENS/EMS powerboxes are recommended. *****