December 05, 2012

Product Feature: Reflective electrodes and black penis rings

 From Mike in Minnesota:

My latest shipment arrived and my Mistress tried them out on me last night and it was amazing.  I bought the reflective electrodes and black penis rings during the sale last week and gave them to her when the shipment arrived.  She had me lay on the bed and tied me spread eagle and blindfolded me.  Then she taped the reflective electrodes over my nipples and put on the cock rings.  I first felt the contractions on the nipples.  It felt amazing, almost like little lips.  It worked very well given the low power setting she was using for safety.  Then the tingling feeling on my cock from the rings.  She started playing with different patterns on those and it felt very good.  A rhythmic contraction kept me on edge for a very long time while she sat there with the control boxes and surprised me with adjustments.  I definitely want to pick up some insertables with my next order.  This is fun!  

Owner's note: again, please see our safety section for use of unipolar electrodes