December 12, 2012

Product Feature: Female Pleasure Pack, Clamps and Large Silicone Insertable


From Janice in Florida:

I got my first hands-free orgasm from e-stim finally thanks to your female pleasure pack! It was so  perfect to give me all of the sensations I wanted, at just the right levels…  I set up one channel with the circular breast rings. They felt like a constant, gentle kneading massage. Mmmmm. Then I used the little moons, one on either side of the clit with a little room between and it woke up the whole area….. really nice foreplay. Then I inserted the large vaginal probe for that wonderfully full feeling. I had to be a little careful with it, if it slips out too far it can cause a hotspot now and again, but putting it on a pulse setting it was so much better than any vibrator I ever tried. And finally I used the little rubber-lined clamp directly on the clit itself, paired with one of the small palm pads near the vaginal entryway on the perineum to complete the channel circuit. Talk about an intense climax! There are so many possibilities with this pleasure pack, you really know what you’re doing! Can’t wait to try more!