November 17, 2012

Product Feature: Bipolar 2 stripe insertable

Our first guest blog! 

From Ed in California:

I purchased the Bi-Polar 2 stripe Insertable a few days ago, and have not looked back. I recently had a chance to try it out with an intense happy ending! At first, I was a little skeptical this trode wouldn't migrate further up than desired, but my tried-but-true tri-phase configuration, along with my favorite program on my Series 2B, led me to an intense HFO! 

The new trode did not venture further in, basically by virtue of the clever design. Most of my sessions always include an anal/prostate trode…you give yourself a tremendous advantage of erotic sensations, when you incorporate one with a tri-phase configuration.

If you have concerns about the trode migrating further in than desired, that was not the case in my experience. It is well designed and effective. You could say this is my favorite anal/prostate trode for now!

(Find it in our insertables collection or featured on our home page!)