November 28, 2012

Product Feature: Unipolar suction electrodes


From Jim in New Jersey:

 I purchased the unipolar suction electrodes after a recommendation from a friend. I’ve never found them anywhere but at Current Pleasures. They are my new favorite toy! What sensations-- it feels like two warm mouths sucking both my nipples at the same time. It’s wet, it’s warm, it has suction, and when I turn the current on it has a mild tingle or pinch too, depending on what my settings are. I can’t imagine a threesome feeling any better. Wow! You have to try these! 

(You will find them in our combination sensations section)

***** Owner's note- these should not be used on each nipple by themselves alone in a unipolar configuration. They can be used together, but each electrode should be grounded with a pad (like our 20x40 moons for example) nearby to prevent the electrical current from crossing the chest. So each suction electrode will be on its own channel, not the same one. A further note: if  you are using an AC main type power supply or audiostim, do NOT use these above the waist at all. Only standard TENS/EMS powerboxes are recommended. *****