120 mm Bipolar Silicone Pad

Size adjustable, large electrical surface. Very sturdy, will hold up if weights are attached via gator clips, etc. For heavy use, the small or large sizes are more durable. 

These are bipolar pads, so they're also safe for use above the waist with a few exceptions. It sends the electrical currents through the breast only, and it feels exquisite to make the nipples tingle. Size adjustable. This is the small diameter, A cup or male size.  The center diameter is approximately 25 cm or 1 inch circumference. 

They can also be used around the scrotum, though the larger sizes are recommended for that application.  

Sold as singles or pairs. Available in pink, grey, and NEW IN BLACK!


Note, these are not self-adhesive so be sure to get some Tensive gel to help keep them in place.