The only accessory we have found to simulate the surface sparky feel of the violet wand.  Make the contact area as large or as small as you wish, the black sleeve slides up and down. With a little more pressure & power, you can also achieve the pulsing muscle contractions of normal pads.  A true dual-threat device~Amazing sensations, a must have for any toybox!

For best results use a power source that has a continuous (or near-continuous very rapid) pulse. Our bullet unit is a perfect combination with a turn-dial intensity control, and a fast or slow pulse option. Connect to it easily with a gator clip, or solder one of our blanks to the handle.

This is a unipolar electrode and must be paired with another. Remember surface area, it needs to be a large one so you feel the whisker and not whatever else you're using. Our handgrip is perfect- simply hold it in your hand and enjoy the tingle anywhere on your body! Or for even more adventure use an unipolar insertable, or lay on the body contact pad.

Purchase the whisker only or in a complete set with bullet power source, handgrip, cable, and a pin to gator clip adapter.

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