Tri-phase » adapter

For setting up tri-phase arrangements.

 Triphase for beginners essentially means connecting 3 (unipolar) toys on 2 channels and forming a triangular electrical wave from it. The basic principle is connecting one pin of each leadwire to one toy which requires a joiner.  


A common setup for males is to have a pad or loop at the tip of the shaft attached to a red lead, a pad or loop at the base of the shaft attached to a red lead, and both black leads going into an insertable.  The easiest way is to use an insertable with 2 pin jacks, and use the joiner to put both black leads into only one jack.  The other jack is left alone with nothing attached to it. 

A common setup for females is to have a pad or clamp on the clit (red lead), a larger pad on or near the anus (red lead) and both black leads joined to one side of a 2 pin jack insertable. 

Insertables that are bipolar that come with only one plug into a machine aren't suitable for triphase.