Adhesive Aluminum Tape

This is a great material for DIY and other electrical applications.  The aluminum is conductive, and the tape has an adhesive on the back that is also conductive.  So you can overlap it and everything it overlaps becomes conductive as well.


You can find basic instructions on what to do HERE


Electrify butt plugs, add another conductive strip to an existing one.  Great for use on dildos and even to electrify the inner-walls of a vacuum pump.  Electrify a speculum, put it on a board for labial application, and more~ Use your imagination!

For a strong bond, simply apply it to a clean, dry surface and add some type of an electrical connection. Connections are easy to make... put an electrode pad on top, use a gator clip, use one of our pin jack blanks... 


Total thickness


180°peel adhesion

3.47 N/cm



tensile stress


Initial adhesion



Available in 8 widths: 5mm (1/4 in), 10mm (0.4 in), 15mm (0.8 in), 20mm (3/4 in),

                                  25mm (1 in), 30mm (1.2 in), 50mm (2 in), 60mm (2.4 in)


Sold by the foot and will come as one continuous strip if multiple feet are ordered.