Bipolar Body Clamps

This is our BIPOLAR option, works best for those more concerned about safety with above-the-waist play. 

These come in 2 sizes, small and large. Small is approximately the size of a wrist(2-2.5" when fully opened, plate to plate approx 1.5-2"), Large is approximately the size of a female C or D cup breast, ( 4.5" when fully opened end to end, plate to plate at widest 4") They have by far the strongest spring of any clamps we carry. 

 They also feature our new multi-connector: you can snap on to it, or put either a pin or banana through the hole and screw it down. No adapters ever needed, but works best/most secure with snaps. ***NOTE- these fit the larger 3.9mm snap!*** We have adapters here or purchase them together at a discount. 


Male applications include a small one behind the corona and a large one behind the ballsack.

Females generally prefer two large ones on the breasts.

These are sold singular so order accordingly


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