Female pleasure pack

The ultimate female pleasure pack!  7 different types of self-adhesive electrode pads plus one set of bipolar silicone breast pads (you choose which size).  Note: breast pads are non-adhesive, Tensive gel recommended. 
Includes one sheet of six 20 mm round and one pair each of moon, small palm, small corner, 15 x 60 oval ,25 x 35 pads and 1 of our new Peri clit pad. The cost of these when purchased individually is over $60!
Moons, ovals and Peri are exquisite on each side of the clit, palms and corners allow bipolar play on each side of the nipple, the rounds are pinpoint accuracy for that craving of intensity in certain spots and the breast pads are a very pleasant massage.  Experiment to find the most pleasurable combinations for you!
*Subject to change: If any pad is out of stock, the closest size/shape will be substituted*