Male Starter Kits

Everything you need to start exploring! Beginner kits are now available with or without power units. Choose the kit that works with your existing power unit or choose one of our kits that can be purchased with one or both of our most popular power units.

Male Starter Kits  

(1) penis pleasure pack

(2)  2-pin lead wire cables (available in 4mm, 3.5 and 2.5)

(1) 4 mm plug to 3.5 J adapter or (1) 3.5 J to 2.5 Plug Adapter *

(1) 4 mm plug to 2.5 J adapter or (1) 2.5 J to 3.5 Plug Adapter *

(1) 2 Stripe Insert-able

(1) 4mm Adjustable Rubber Loop

(1) 6mm Adjustable Rubber Loop

(may substitute loops for conductive rubber rings or penis sleeve instead, add a note)

1 uni-polar flat probe

1 pair of black clamp

* Will vary according to the power unit ordered. If ordering both power units all adapters will be included in your kit.


If ordering your kit without one of our power units please specify the input connection of your unit in "Notes" so we can include the correct adapters with your kit.