Penis Sleeves

Unstretched diameters: Small 30mm, Average 40mm, XL 50mm. (measured as pictured, on a flat surface)

IF IN DOUBT, please order the largest size! While the smaller sizes do stretch significantly, they tend to shorten in the process and most are more comfortable in the largest size. Use your best judgment.

The smallest size literally is the size of an average male finger not an erect penis. Order the larger size!

It will look small when it arrives.  Get it wet and stretch it out to see actual usable size. 

This is a unipolar electrode and requires pairing with another.  We recommend a conductive rubber ring at the base of the shaft. Adapters and rings available separately or at a discounted rate when purchased as a package in the drop-down menu above.

A standard 3.5 snap is used as the connector for this accessory. 


EXCLUSIVE brand new design, available nowhere else in the world!  Provides a warm, diffuse stimulation, and no hot spots!!  No gel required, water and the cloth are the conductors. Must be wet before use, using salt-water is best. It may look small, but it stretches significantly when wet. Average size fits most, if you're a Magnum or like a looser fit use the XL. If it's too snug, a small snip on the end seam will allow for further stretching. 
It has a large surface area and needs to be paired with something similar, electrode pads don't work well. The best option is a conductive rubber ring at the base of the shaft. 
Add a single large rubber ring to complete the set if you like. It can be easily trimmed to your exact size. 
The only accessory that allows stimulation while wearing a condom over top!!
Electro-therapy Conductive Garments are made with high quality silver knit mesh material that is FDA approved and is more conductive than many other products on the market. Our conductive garments utilize a neo-foam material, which is a more breathable alternative to neoprene, preventing excessive heat and perspiration. They offer stimulation without skin irritation or need for adhesives or gels
It should be worn slightly damp to improve current flow. When finished, wash with water and air-dry. 
Directions: Wet sleeve and remove excess by rolling in towel to leave slightly damp. Slide onto penile shaft. This is a unipolar electrode and must be paired with another to complete the circuit.
Other Information: Care of Garments Electrode Conductive Garments are washable -- garments may be machine washed, or hand washed with mild soap and cold water; use delicate/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry. Do not use bleach. Storage Disconnect the cabling (lead wire) and store garment in sealed plastic bag. Garment should be completely dried before placing in plastic bag.

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