New! Nipple Clamps

We have 2 new clamps to add to your collection.

The first is our sturdy metal clamp on pigtail that measure 54 mm long and are 13 mm wide at the tip. Use any 2 pin lead connection.

The second is a spring pressure clamp on a 2.5 mm connection. These have a 4 x 2 rubber tubing connection built in so you can change out the 2.5 mm audio 2 pin connector and use your own 2 pin wires if preferred. They measure 1" in length and just over 3/4" in diameter at the widest position, they will stretch out to approx. 2.5" or a little more. Careful not to stretch to far or you will take out the spring pressure over time.

These are both Unipolar clamps 

Caution:  You should always use electrodes below the waist.  The exception is if you use one of these and a TENS pad on one lead and use them together; the metal electrode on the nipple and a TENS pad next to it on the same lead wire.