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TAZAPPER (Pronounced Tay-Zapper) – what every player needs in their toy bag. The TAZapper is made from durable plastic and a circuit board that has undergone rigorous testing, the TAZapper will be your best electro-toy offering many hours of play time.

Like a miniature cattle prod, the TAZAPPER delivers a concentrated spark of differential, non-penetrating static electricity across its gold-plated contacts. The contacts are 5mm apart and are looped back into the nose housing to prevent snagging. The unit will deliver an impressive sounding and looking spark repeatedly until the batteries run down. You will get many hours of playtime from a single set of batteries.

The TaZapper is operated by a single button and is INSTANT ON when pushed. There is little or no recovery time for the circuit.

Because of the static spark, it is safe for use on most parts of the body.

This fun toy gives a static shock of electricity concentrated on the point of contact. It has great intimidation factor as the sound and spark are quite impressive. Overall length is 15 inches. It uses 2 AA batteries and is active when button is pushed. There is no electricity stored when button is released.