Brass Joiners

Exclusive to Current Pleasures-

Use these brass joiners in our conductive tubing to easily snap connect. Standard snap size for any standard 3.5mm TENS leadwire. (PES are not standard they are 3.9 so be aware) Make loops and more, use your imagination! 

If your snap connector happens to be a little bit loose (some have turned out to be) you can use a bit of copper wire or tinfoil. We also have gator connectors and low-profile leads that are great options also. .   

Comes in 5 sizes, to fit each of our 4 different conductive tubings.   Important Sizing Note: both the joiners and our tubing are measured by outer diameter...   These joiners go with the following conductive tubing sizes:


4mm Joiners go with 4mm pin tubing

6mm Joiners go with 6mm tubing, either pin (6x2) or banana (6x4)

8mm Joiners go with 8mmtubing, either pin (8x2) or banana (8x4)  NEW IN 8x2!!!