Conductive Rubber Coil/Loop Combo Pack- for Pins

Experiment to find the conductive rubber combination that works best for you. 

The coils with copper wire form to any shape you want to stay solidly in place.(They come in a U shape for you to form into a coil, etc. as your preference). 

The loops have a cord lock that allows you to tighten them to your taste. Used  together, they open up possibilities for higher levels of sensational stimming. Each is monopolar, requiring pairing with another electrode or pad. The loops are available with single or double cord locks. (In the photos singles are on the left and doubles are on the right. Single cord locks put both end pieces of the loop through one hole which gives a completely surrounded, stimulation. Double cord locks use two holes so have a slight break where the plastic is between the holes. 


Be sure to use water-based lubricant such as Spectragel to keep the sensations smooth and avoid hot spots. Never use any lube with silicone of any kind- it weakens and degrades the rubber.


Included in this package: (all have 2mm inner diameter for pins to connect to)

1 thin coil  (4mm)

1 thick coil  (6mm)

1 thin loop- single or double cord lock available  (4mm)

1 thick loop- single or double cord lock available  (6mm)